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“You have been criticizing yourself for years and that hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” -Louise Hay
kristin and danielle

Your team!

Hi! We are Kristin and Danielle. When we aren’t drinking iced coffee or shooting weddings, we’re hard at work seeking to empower the women of this community, including one another. We are passionate about showing you the beauty, strength, and worthiness we see. We celebrate curves and laugh lines; each dimple has a story, each wrinkle tells a tale, and we want to show you that vision!

Here to help you choose YOU!

How it works

When do you offer sessions?

We offer a limited amount of full sessions throughout the year and host mini marathons 1-2 times a year. Contact us for availability or to apply for the mini session wait list.

Will you tell me what to wear?

After booking, we will send you a style guide to help inspire your senses. But ultimately, you need to wear whatever makes you feel incredible! Try things on and flaunt in the mirror. Don’t forget to stop and check yourself out. “oh, heeeeyy!”

Where are sessions held?

We hold sessions on location (outdoor or in your home) or at one of our many studio rental locations in the Indianapolis area. 

Do you offer hair & make-up?

Absolutely! Not all sessions include hair and make-up. Contact us for more details.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Let’s hop on the phone and chat about it!

Ready to embrace who you are and revel in it?



Full Session +

Professional hair & make-up
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1 & 1/2 hour session




Full Session

High Resolution Images
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1 & 1/2 hour session




Mini Session

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30 minute session


Contact Us

Contact us for the most up to date pricing and availability for Wedding Photography in Indianapolis, Indiana and beyond. For the most accurate information, please complete the contact form below. We will be in touch within 48 hours. If you have not heard from us within 48 hours, please check your spam folder. Alternately, you can email us directly at bluelaceweddingphoto@gmail.com, text or call us at Kristin: 765-719-3658, Danielle: 812-585-1862.